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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Simplicity 3565

Simplicity 3565 came free this month in Sew magazine. Just at a point where I was thinking of cancelling Sew, they have redeemed themselves. Hmmm.

Its a Wardrobe elements with a jacket which can be at hip or cropped lengths an A line round neck proncess seamed dress and wide leg trousers.
I'm not sure I would have bought it but I do quite like it.

On pattern review there are just a couple of reviews for the long jacket (which is unlined btw) and nothing for the other pieces. I'm looking at the pattern and thinking, lengthen there, shorten there, alter here etc so I dare say I will use it but that the resulting garments won't look much like the originals!

Although the envelope pattern is all made up in dark purples that look like wool mixes and have a very winter look, the little sleeveless dress with the cropped jacket would be a lovely summer look. Round necks are not that great on me so I would probably change it to a V neck.

Sleeveless dress with a knit underneath does say little girl to me though, I had them as a small child (I did not wear school uniform until age 11 as was common in the UK at the time).


Jenni said...

Very smart. The dress in particular looks very work suitable and I would see it more as a summer than a winter dress also.

Barbara said...

I love this pattern and completely missed it thanks. Look forward to seeing it made up.

Vix said...

I always think a sleeveless dress in wool jersey with a silk blouse underneath is a classic, if somewhat severe, look; not sure I can say the same about a short-sleeved turtleneck beneath, though!

It's funny I'm seeing this now; I wanted a knit blazer for fall and my non-sewing behind just dropped off some wool jersey in a more brownish plum for the purpose -- I would have preferred the shade Simplicity shows!

[I'm getting a piece that is rather like a combo of the jacket and bolero shown...I to the hip, but with a cutaway bottom to help cut up/add interest to my torso.]

I'll be interested to see how you make this pattern your own....