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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Sewing Room Tidying

Saturday is a new day. Thanks for all the nice comments and encouragement.

I did a bit of tidying in my sewing room last night and some more this morning. Needs a bit more still but I have some space now on the cutting area of my desk to actaully do stuff with pattern tissue.

Jenni carefully puts each piece of tissue nicely folded in the envelope as she sews the garment. I don't! I had about 20 patterns with the pieces all jumbled up in a huge pile and I would just fish in the pile when I wanted to sew something. Good for using sleeve from one pattern and body from another etc, but terrible for organisation.
These are now all sorted neatly with the pieces from the same pattern in a clear zip lock bag (I am unable to get the pieces back in the envelope as Jenni does.) and the bags sitting on end in a box on the shelf.

I still have some fabric to put away. I've had a few shopping trips recently (online, Devon, Leeds, London, Preston/Lancaster) and after each one just left the bags in the sewing room. I also have fabric out for the PR wardrobe contest. I had planned the whole thing but didn't even manage to cut anything out even, and its just cluttering up my space now.

I'm pleased with all the fabric I have bought, but buying so much over a relatively short period has become slightly overwhelming. Local options are poor though so I tend to take advantage of good sources when they are available.

I don't think there is room now to get all my new purchases in the cupboard, so something bulky like fleece may have to come out to make space.

I may even pull pins out of the carpet and run the vacuum cleaner round to freshen things up. When things get too cluttered I lose the edge in there for some reason which probably isn't surprising really.
I swapped the floral curtains out for plain cream ones a few weeks back, and that although slightly bland, is more serene which is better for me and sewing creativity :-)


Michelle said...

I can never get everything back into the pattern envelope, either! I always just put them back into a big manilla envelope and then staple the pattern envelope to the front of it so I know what it is.

Elaray said...

When I finally get around to tidying my sewing room, I seem to find motivation hidden under the disorder.

Ann said...

Ruthie, I have to clean up after every project, which sometimes means every 2nd day. I have my patterns in ziplock bags also and I label the front with a permanent marker. I use large ones so I can put my envelope into also. For the western shirts, I just put in the tissue pieces and label the front with info I need.
As per your comment on needing to do alterations on your patterns, cheer up, you are ahead of me. I won't get near mine for another 3 weeks if I am lucky.

Sharon said...

I'm another one that can't get my patterns back in their original envelope and use either zip lock bags or manilla envelopes.

I need to sort out my sewing room as my mother and sister will be visiting next weekend and mum needs the bed to sleep on :)