Black Lives Matter

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Right sorry about the ranting yesterday, I might go back and delete all the stuff in capitals as I know I was shouting. Sometimes its just sooooo frustrating, and I know that doesn't excuse it.

In August Burda I quite liked a few of the coats and the two layer top. I'm not quite ready for the skinny ankle pants, though they look sensible for tucking into boots and doing gardening, though that's maybe not what they had in mind.
I would link to the pictures from the magazine only I can't work that part out any more, and am not yet prepared to learn Russian as their site is the only good one left as far as I can see. (Ok so maybe that was a bit of a whine!).

I might do some photos of the bits sewn so far, though I don't find that very satisfying. We'll see how far I get this evening and what (if anything) I have to show for it.

Ok coffee time. Ruthie :D

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