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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Alterations tried

I added a wedge 1" deep across the back (very round back) and took a wedge 1" deep out of the front neckline (forward head)..
This seems to have worked pretty well, and as its a wedge alteration has in fact not altered the armholes so I may be able to continue to use my normal sleeves.
I think the back curve needs smoothing out a bit and the very top of the back neck still needs the wedge taking out which I was doing before.

The shoulders do seem to sit better now even though I have not altered them at all, I guess the shoulders are not necessarily the issue?

Anyway I am happy enough with the altered pattern to cut it out of some nice fabric (I used a nasty cheap poly knit to test) and sew it up.

The overlocker, coverhem and sewing machine are all threaded in different colours, so I could choose just about anything colour wise as I'd have to rethread at least 2 of the three anyway.. I had originally planned to do a red knit top but that's not particularly calling my name at the moment.

I managed to get all of the fabric in the cupboard once I removed the fleece, so I can open the doors and see what wants to get made up.....

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sdBev said...

I'm actually confused by the rule that the wrinkles point to the problem. Several times, I've found that the fitting issue was not at all what I thought was wrong or where the wrinkles were. So if your garment fits with those wedges, no the shoulder was not the problem