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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Next 'brown' thing

I'm sewing a summer into autumn wardrobe based on dark brown with various mad prints.
I need to choose next between sewing brown linen trousers, brown pinstripe trousers or a brown knit fabric cardigan. I am currently leaning towards the linen trousers being sewn up first as I have a shorter time to wear them. On the other hand they could be paused altogether and started in the Spring instead.
I want to use the scraps from the linen to add a contrast band at the bottom of a slightly too short brown linen print skirt which I also won't be able to do without having first cut out the trousers. Tricky!


Jenni said...

I vote for the linen trousers... because the sun has been out here today, they might be useful for your holiday, and finally, because you get two garments from one fabric and I am looking forward to seeing the skirt with the band on it.

Michelle said...

I just bought some brown corduroy for fall...I was going to make pants, but now I am thinking about a dress. But I think brown linen trousers would be great. I had a pair of brown linen pants that finally died of old age last year...I keep meaning to replace them!