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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Upcoming Contests

I sometimes like the challenge of participating in a contest on Pattern Review. If nothing else it gets me sewing to a purpose and deadline. I do however always have my own interpretation on that and make the contest work for me. On that basis there are loads I don't join in with.
Here's the list of contests for 2010
PR Contests 2010 
The next one which appeals to me is the Little Black Dress. I could use one in a nice knit, with a flattering skirt length for me (ie longr than the knee) so whilst that won't have the classic ooooh of something more formal I would wear it quite a lot I think. I do have a black knit dress but its not quite right, and given my recent knit dress sewing I reckon I could tackle something successfully now.
I'm also planning another knit dress in a wine/purple print which I think would be a lot of fun.

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Maria Fabæch Moesby said...

Have you started thinking about which pattern to use for a LBD?
I am considering making one, too.

I have been away from PR for a while and haven't been following the contests - I look forward to seeing what people are going to do in the accessory contest!