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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Print Fabric

Loud but quite me! I am thinking of making this into another knit dress. I like my knit dresses at the moment. Comfortable, with personality and make getting dressed easy peasy!

Click on the picture to bring it full size.
The orange flower slightly above the centre  with 5 petals is 3.5" wide, to give an idea of the scale.
I am thinking about making another knit dress if I can get it out of the fabric but I will have to do a few layout tests to see. Imagine it in autumn with a brown wool jacket and brown suede boots, plus a big orange pashmina and a lot of Ruthie confidence.


Jenni said...

Very nice. I can definitely see that as a dress if you can get it out of the fabric. Its not how I saw it in my head... much nicer in reality. I do think plain neck band/sleeve band/belt would look good with it though.

Rhoto said...

Hello Ruthie!!
I KNOW you use your Serger often ;), but do you have a sewing machine you love?? Brand/model??
Warm greetings,

Linda T said...

Oh, knit dresses are my "go to" dresses. Love, love, love them--so stylish and comfy!