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Sunday, 29 August 2010

thinking about SWAP sewing

Sometimes I think about the Stitchers Guild SWAP months ahead, other times it's right up to the last minute.
Jenni at SewYLD has already started planning hers at least in outline, and discussing ideas with her I have the outline of a plan.
The basics of the plan uses some fabric I bought in a shopping trip with Jenni to Abakhan fabrics. Its a loosely woven wool boucle type fabric. The back ground is brown and black, and the boucle loops are in various shades including - coral pink, emerald green, teal blue, lime green, ivory and beige. It is absolutely asking to be an unlined jacket, probably with a waterfall collar that allows the wrong side of the fabric to be seen.

This of course lends itself to various dark brown and black bottoms, and strong colour tops. I might even leave the prints to one side for this one as I think they would fight a bit with the jacket texture. To a certain extent we have to wait and see what the rules are this year on the SWAP but there's usually an options for 4 bottoms, 6 tops and a jacket which tends to work better for me than the dress versions. However I am a bit more into dresses than I was as long as they are knit ones and comfortable :D.

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Faye Lewis said...

That fabric is GORGEOUS!