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Sunday, 29 August 2010

Pinstripe trousers completed

I just finished the pinstripe trousers. These use the same Burda magazine pattern I've used several times before and work well for me. They have side pockets, I put in a centre back zip. For this version I used chocolate brown suiting with a beige pinstripe. Its a lovely stretch suiting, really nice quality. The pocket linings and waistband facing are done with chocolate brown satin fabric. Both fabrics frayed and have been serged into submission. Sewing the stretch suiting to the non stretch satin was a bit of a bear, but its come out OK. I added a loop and button to the inside of the waistband just to hold the very top closed. The front hem had been cut wonky - the weight of the uncut fabric hanging off the cutting area had pulled the fabric out of alignment when I cut out. In the end I just levelled it up and took a smaller hem than I planned. The hem is machine blind stitched and came out OK. Not exciting trousers, but I expect to wear them a lot.


Kathryn, aka fzxdoc said...

Ruthie, remembering some of the pretty tops you have made, I would think that those trousers certainly will get a lot of use. They are pretty and functional.

I like the fact that you secured the closure with a button and loop on the inside. That's a nice way of keeping the zipper in place, since the loop and button take the stress, not the top of the zipper. It's how I see very nice RTW finished off. Great job!

Vix said...

Hi Ruthie --

Lovely trousers; I bet you will wear them constantly!

My RTW espresso ones are really in a sad place right now (the lining shredded a year ago but I still wear them as I've yet to find a replacement that fits better)...so I hope you can see my envious glance.

With these done, that chocolate/rose Missoni stripe you said you had in your stash should be REALLY calling your name.

FYI, I know I wrote that my low-back tank in that fabric was lined (it was!).

However, as the colors make me look so glow-y I'm having it made up in an unlined version for the cooler months. Now I just need the chocolate pinstriped pants. ;)

Since I'm always freezing in our damp winters, I figure I'll just pop a tank or long-sleeved T beneath for coverage. You could probably whip up your own version in a few hours if you were so inclined!