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Monday, 9 August 2010

Stretch shirting

I had a little walk out of the office at lunchtime today - in part becuase I wanted a break - and of course my feet automatically walked down to Leeds market. My usual favourites B and M fabrics didn't have any jerseys which really grabbed me, though if you like grey or burgundy you should get down there.
I did go to Jacks fabrics though and there bought some stretch shirting in a black and white which is nice. It stretches a lot round, but not at all up and down, so I think would be nice in a formal woven shirt which I normally find too restricting. I think it was Hen fruitlessly going round the fabric shops in London wanting stretch shirting which made me think of it.

No set date for making this up, but would prob be McCall's 5522 as that's already altered to fit, though it does have a lot of pieces.

I did faithfully promise Jenni that I wasn't going to buy any more fabric until the show in November. Oops!
No idea what I am going to sew next. I have brown on the machines, but am about to go away with work for 2 days, and will prob use the evening in between to catch up on my exciting (not) paperwork.

I might go and have a little browse in the fabric cupboard though, just for fun!

P.S. I did wear the dress with the sandals, plaited belt and the big pendant necklace and a purchased jacket. I added a gold bowling bag style handbag (can we say capacious!!) and felt very me :-)

I have done something useful and sewing related. Hemmed some purchased trousers. I bought these with cuffs at the hem and wore them despite them being slightly too long. The bottom of the cuffs eventually started to fray so I have unpicked them and rehemmed, cuffless at the right length. Hopefully another couple of seasons wear out of them before the fabric starts to go into holes.

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Jenni said...

Hmmm, more fabric? Lovely fabric though and worth breaking the fabric diet for.