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Monday, 5 February 2018

Burda Style magazine 04/2009 #134 Copper Stripe Trousers

I used the same pattern again (Burda Style magazine 04/2009 #134) with the same alterations this time with a strange very stretchy metallic stripe fabric from deep in the fabric collection.
Here's the finished trousers. The fabric had an unbalanced stripe, so I cut the pieces single layer and rotated through 180 degrees to cut the left and right so they are mirror images of each other. I felt that gave a more balanced stripe effect to the finished trousers. I am pleased with how that worked although it was fiddly to cut out.

I also chose to use the side of the fabric which was mostly dark brown with a bit of copper as the right side and used the much shiner side as the wrong side (I suspect this is the opposite of the original manufacture as some copper chenille stripes are now on the inside also), however I felt this would be more wearable than the full metallic version.

I did some tests on scraps and the coverhem gave the best finish for the hem (stretching with the stretchy fabric whilst not distorting it at all).
As before the stripe ran across the fabric and the stretch down, so I've cut here on the cross grain.
There is some fabric left but so far I've not decided what it will be, though it is currently leaning towards a jacket of some sort. It very much did not want to be a skirt so I didn't push it.

These do work with the tops I already sewed for Spring 6PAC which is a relief as I thought I was sewing a load of mismatched items and was being a bit daft.

I had hoped to make this pattern a few more times in plain dark brown stretch woven but it needs 2.5 metres of fabric and the lengths I tried were 2.2 and 2.0 and were never going to work with this pattern, so they may appear as a different style.

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Audrey said...

Interesting fabric. I love the pants you made using it. And they do look wonderful with the tops you have sewn for your 6 Pac.