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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Dylon Leather Dye in brown used to recolour old tan brogue shoes

Just sharing a shoe dye which worked quite well. Unfortunately the before and after pics are taken in completely different lighting conditions so they don't show properly how deep the brown is after, I might take another new photo tomorrow.
I used Dylon Leather Dye which I bought online. It took several hours over 2 days to do all the coats but the shoes are a much better colour for me now, so I'm pleased. I also changed the laces to ones which match better with the new colour

My tips: Wear thin plastic gloves as it will stain your fingers, cover the work surface and use an artists brush not the one they supply. Doesn't work on patent or gloss leather (special finishes) but worked great on my slightly tired medium tan shoes.


Alison said...

what a fascinating concept! Seems like a good way to refurbish, or entirely change the character of a pair of shoes... hmmm, I wonder if this would work on athletic shoes? IE synthetic fabric instead of leather. (they always come in such horrible garish neon colors)

SewRuthie said...

Hi Alison, this dye is specifically for leather, but they make another version which works on synthetics and canvas which is more like a flexible paint. I'm going to try that as well on some things which had too high a shine to use the dye. Dylon is a european product so in the US there are different manufacturers. I wouldn't suggest trying to get Dylon specifically, but its easier for me to get than US brands.

enfinblue said...

Ruthie, I didn't know this could be done! Cool! (Stephaniecan on SG)

MelM said...

I'll be interested in how durable the new color is. I have had leather dye in my Amazon cart for months now debating refreshing a favorite pair with scuffed toes.