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Thursday, 22 February 2018

Pattern traced from RTW top

I've mentioned before a RTW top I traced and made into a tissue paper pattern.
I then have made a lot of simple knit tops from that pattern.
I really liked the relaxed fit of this purchased sweater. It has dropped shoulders, a curved hem and a scoop front neckline. Its made from a lightweight sweater knit, but sewn up like a T shirt not knitted as a sweater.
So I folded it in half, traced the outline, added a seam allowance, created a neckline and the pattern was born. Sometimes I reduce the scoop of the front neckline and I shorten the neckband depending on the stretch of the fabric and how much I scooped the neck.

I made the first version of this on 17th October, and have so far made a total of 15 tops with this pattern. Sometimes the neck is scooped less, and often I have extended the sleeves to full length (the original was only 3/4 length sleeves). Here are the 15 tops!

Did I mention its a super easy pattern.


Abbey sews said...

Love that. I have a few well-fitting Tees that I’d like to use as a pattern. Seems easier than to guess at ease in the B4. This one piece has given quite a bit of wardrobe variations. :)

Janine said...

What a lovely assortment of tops in so many beautiful , different fabrics. I am not sure which is my favourite. They look very comfortable too.

tg33 said...

Now that's value for money from a pattern!! (Even if it was free)

KS_Sews (Dressmakingbacles) said...

That is impressive. I traced a pattern from a RTW top a few years ago and made 3 of them. It wasn't too hard because it had cut on sleeves.

I have another RTW top (sleeveless) so it shouldn't be too tough, BUT, the fabric is a very, very fluid jersey. Any tips??

Alison said...

Ruthie - this is very very impressive! even if your homemade pattern is easy to make, it is still a great way to add variety to your wardrobe