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Friday, 16 February 2018

Developing a You-niform

I was thinking how I could work out my own recipe for getting dressed. Some days I want something easy and having a bit of a formula would be good.
I have learned that I am medium high value contrast (the higher side of medium rather than the lower side of high), with overall dark(ish) from my hair, I have 2 colours (pink in my skin and lips, teal eyes), and one neutral (brown/silver hair.)
My brown hair is wavy and greying, and has silver and copper/bronze tones in the light. I need to have depth, colour and texture always in my outfit. Because of the hair, fabrics with subtle variation, marl, soft pinstripes, slubbed fabrics, ribs, crinkled texture etc are better than smooth.
Whilst I know I can wear all the colours in my Sophisticated swatch, the browns, teals/green and pinks/ burgundies are easier for me to wear. (The lighter blues, purples and greys which are so great for others with the Sophisticated palette are less in harmony with the colours in my personal colouring).

I decided this year to concentrate on 4 main signature colours to build out my wardrobe more (particularly with my sewing) and not get too distracted with some of the others at the moment. I chose my dark brown (Burnt Cinnamon) and my navy (Sargeant) to be my base neutrals which I'll have as 60% of each outfit, usually as an inner or outer column. I will then have either a teal (Mallard) and a pink/red (Hawthorn) as 30% of the outfit (usually either the top or layer) and then use the 10% in soft white (often pearls in jewellery) or metallics or another colour.
 My easy formula is trousers + top + layer + scarf/necklace. I also add shoes, earrings (smallish), bag (and coat/gloves/hat when required).
I realise that I am choosing medium value colours and dark neutrals which is only giving a medium value contrast, however as I am on the higher side of medium value contrast I reckon wearing colour plus having small doses of lighter/metallic/other colour with the dark neutral is giving me that sense of contrast adequately.

Note: I am following Imogen Lamport's 7 Steps to Style Programme and have had colour analysis and bought the swatches through that. This is a chargeable programme, however some of Imogen's advice is available for free on her blog


Anne said...

You've successfully followed 7 Steps - I haven't managed. I'm impressed by your plans. Not my colours but I can certainly see that they're yours! Well done

SewRuthie said...

Hi Anne, well having decided to pay the money I wanted to really get out of it what I could. There's definitely further refinement to be done but the colour palette has been really helpful.