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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Chocolate lace cardigan

I am absolutely on a roll with the brown items.

The latest one is a lace remnant that has been in the stash for a long time. It was a slightly odd shape and the selvedge was missing from one side. However the cotton lace weave is nicely stable and symmetrical, and the remaining selvedge was in good condition. So once again I used my adapted version of the cardigan jacket from Prima magazine November 2010.
I folded the fabric first of all to cut the neckband seam on the fold and the centre front on the selvedge, this meant I did not need to have a seam at the back, and as the lace is symmetrical the two fronts (which are all one piece) look the same. I cut the sleeves out next to the fronts and coverhemmed them. I refolded the remaining (strangely shaped) piece and cut out the back on the fold, with the pattern going the same direction as the front which I was super pleased about.

The lace doesn't fray, so for now I have left the main hem raw as coverhemming would show where the collar folds back. I also don't really want to loose much length due to fabric limitations.
I do have a piece of lace fabric left over which might be enough for a front on a mixed fabric tee in future.
We are now up to ten pieces in the February Chocolate collection.


indigotiger said...

You are a whirlwind of sewing magic! I also imagine that all these brown components will work nicely with some of your previous sewn garments, as in my opinion, brown is an very useful neutral

SewRuthie said...

Thank you Alison. Its really my black, espeically if its a nice darkish brown and not too warm.