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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Spring 6PAC extended chocolate collection - chocolate semi sheer floral tee

The fabric for this top has been in the stash (aka resources) for a long time. A really long time, and as such I have no memory of where I bought it.
It has been out for audition many times, but the semi sheer nature of the darker stripes coupled with the tie dye effect made it a bit tricky. However I decided that given I'm sewing anything I can with brown thread this was an ideal candidate.
After the lace tee came out really thick when I lined it, I decided that I'll just wear a cami under this one and not line it.
I added a neckband cut from the brown tie dye fabric as the colour seemed similar enough, as the semi sheer fabric was not going to work as a neckband. It seems slightly heavy in comparison but works OK I think.
The sleeves and hem are just serged, though I did have to turn the differential feed on the serger down to 0.7 to get a reasonable finish, I couldn't leave the edges unfinished as the sheer section does ladder slightly. I can always coverhem or zigzag later if I feel that would give a better finish.

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Jane M said...

I so love this floral tee, Ruthie, because it has a more sophisticated vibe than just a simple floral. I think it's a real wardrobe winner.