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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Chocolate obsession continues - cardigan jacket from Ikea GURLI throw

I bought this throw from Ikea a while back, they still sell the throws though not in this brown multi colourway anymore. I saw they have dark blue and would quite like that for when I go back to sewing navy again.

My throw was very crumpled from the tight packaging, so I washed it and allowed it to air dry, then spread it out and cut out a jacket from that Prima pattern, using the finished edges for the hem, front edge and sleeve hems.
I've made this before from a Gurli throw in red and blue.
(The colour is more like the images of the throws at the top)

As a reminder to myself for next time, I cut a slightly narrowed front (reduced the width of the neckband slightly) and one sleeve on the fold using one hem for the hems, then refolded to cut the back on the fold and the other sleeve flat, using the opposite hem. I was left with a strangely shaped piece in the centre.

If you want to try sewing something froma Gurli throw be aware they have no stretch, are loosely woven and fray like mad. However they do come in fabulously beautiful colours and are wonderfully textured. Plus they are £6 each which is enough for a jacket like this!
You need to stitch and immediately overlock and try to handle as little as possible. I leave long overlocker thread tails and thread back into the seam with a big needle.
The 9 pieces finished so far in February (quite good going for 2 weeks!!)

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Ann Brodsky said...

I love the idea of using a throw for your fabric. Your pieces are all looking fantastic! Great color scheme.