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Thursday, 1 February 2018

Spring 2018 6PAC sew along (Feb-Apr)

I'm a huge fan of the 6PAC (6 piece seasonal collection) devised by Elizabeth/ejvc and described on her blog here

She has done a new version for Spring 2018, which has some wonderful characters needing wardrobes. I encourage you to read it and enjoy.

I try and sew along with Elizabeth's guidelines every season (as you can probably see in the left hand side bar) and whilst I don't always stick to her suggestions I think they are great, particularly for establishing lots of good basics in your wardrobe. Sometimes as sewists its easy to see pretty fabric, sew it up and then find we don't have enough plain pieces for every day wear.

If you'd like to chat with others about this, we have a thread going over on Stitchers Guild.

Elizabeth suggests
  1. one layer garment (jacket, cardigan, vest) in your neutral
  2. one layer garment in your colour or your neutral (can be a tone-on-tone variation, i.e. dark grey or light grey)
  3. one top in your colour (or toned colour)
  4. one top in your neutral or a second neutral or a print mixing your neutral and your colour
  5. one bottom (trousers or skirt) in your neutral
  6. a second bottom (trousers or skirt) in another variant of your neutral
My thoughts were to continue with my brown and teal theme, I'm really motoring along with it which is going to help my wardrobe options during the RTW fast and with my Stash Shrinking endeavours.

Brown cardigan (sweater knit)
Brown teal print cardigan (sweater knit)

Brown and teal print top - COMPLETED (see below)
Brown and teal lace top

Brown trousers
Brown/copper skirt
I may well add some more pieces in as I'm REALLY on a roll with my brown fabrics and have 10,000m cones of thread on my overlocker (that's a lot of sewing).

I was so keen I started on a new top yesterday evening, which I'd like to share with you.
It is the same drop shouldered knit top pattern traced from RTW as all tops I've sewn recently.
Its a loose fitting style with slimmer sleeves which is working very well for me at the moment, so I just keep sewing more of them.
This is the bottom left fabric from my late december fabric purchases, so happily hasn't languished in the Fabric Resources for too long before getting sewn up.
As an added bonus I have discovered that this top works beautifully with the blue cardigan jacket from last May's Summer Sea collection.
I do like it when that happens!

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