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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Cardigan New Look 6786

I've cut out the tissue for the cardigan pattern I'm planning on using for Spring 6PAC and SWAP, which is New Look 6786, though I think I shall leave off the buttons and belt. There are cardigans all over the internet with the young set, mostly using some indie pattern that $14 as a PDF (Blackwood cardigan), which reminded me of this NL pattern, so I found it in the pattern boxes and cut it out.
Similarly to the Blackwood is has hem and sleeve bands and a front band and they are 1:1 not stretched bands. However the sleeve is quite loose at the wrist so I might decide to narrow that down.

I am planning on making this in plain brown sweater knit and also in a print sweater knit with plain brown bands (I have a lot less of the print). Have to see how that works out. The only question is whether I want to make a test garment first before I cut out the sweater knits, and I think maybe it would be a good idea, but it would be easiest if it used brown thread..... off to hunt in the fabric shelves.


Summer Flies said...

I love NL.. they always have great sets. Yes... who'd pay $14 for those basic patterns... another 'new' one came out the other day...a turtleneck... ooh how original. No doubt there will be all the usual gushing about how fantastic it is. You make great SWAPs...

Summer Flies said...

Oh I also wanted to say NL always seem to have a back seam which makes it easy to fit my sway back.