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Friday, 2 February 2018

Spring 2018 6PAC sew along (Feb-Apr) - Brown and Teal Lace top

Last week I was debating between underlays for some lace fabric.
And against most advice (many people liked the brown), I went with the muted teal.
I'm quite happy with the colour of the underlay, but the two fabrics together are quite thick, so I feel rather like I've sewn myself a lace sweatshirt.

I'll probably still wear it, but the lesson learned from this is when using a fabric to underline stretch lace, choose something as thin, drapey and stretchy as the lace itself.

There is some more lace left so I could use the (thinner) brown and try again, but I'm not sure I would want two lace tops from the same fabric......

Here's how my 6PAC is looking so far:-

Brown and teal print top - COMPLETED
Brown and teal lace top - COMPLETED (see above)

Brown cardigan (sweater knit)
Brown teal print cardigan (sweater knit)

Brown trousers
Brown/copper skirt

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