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Monday, 28 November 2016

Raglan Sleeve Tee - Black and white print

This is my favourite one so far. It is a modified version of the Santa Monica Tee as described before in a black and white print viscose (rayon) jersey.
I love the way the print makes slimming lines which run up and down the body and sleeves.
The angular red necklace seems to echo the shapes and will let me wear this with red pieces as well as black, the simplest one will be this black ponte skirt from June 2015.

I think I am ready for the official plain black version for SWAP now.
Not the most exciting start to the SWAP sewing a plain black tee, but I am keeping in mind the advice Imogen Lamport gives about having 'supporting act' pieces in the wardrobe as well as hero pieces.



Unknown said...

I really like this teeshirt and the red necklace, your process towards teeshirt perfection has been good to watch. I

SewRuthie said...

There's another one tomorrow! Enjoy :-)

Lisa Laree said...

Oh! I made a couple of Santa Monica T's ages ago and then kind of set the pattern aside; it needs a fba and I just never took the time to do it. But...you know, I bet that would be a great t if I just worked with it a little bit. Thanks for the reminder! Yours looks fabulous!